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Git for Machine Learning and AI development

Learn Git for code versioning, efficiently collaborating on projects, and ensuring reproducibility in ML and AI projects.
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Suitable for Beginners

No prerequisites required

Concepts and Practice

From commits to Merge Requests and Conflicts Resolving

CLI, GitHub, GitLab, VSCode

Gain hands-on experience with multiple tools

Reviewed assignment

Create a template repository for ML projects

  What's included?

  • 5 Chapters
  • 1 Reviewed Assignment
  • Quizzes
  • Portfolio Project
  • Certificate on completion

Assignment Project

In this assignment, you will fork a template repository and customize it for ML/AI projects.
By the end, you will have a reusable template repository for future projects.

Text Tutorials

All the examples and code used in the tutorials are available as text-based guides. You can easily follow along with the tutorials and refer back to them as cheat sheets in the future.



Meet the Team

Hey! We are so happy to build and share this course with the Machine Learning REPA community! 

We hope this course will help many analysts and beginner ML/AI developers in their career journey! 

Enjoy the course, and share your feedback with us! We are happy to hear from you! Cheers! 

Mikhail Rozhkov

Solutions Engineer | ML/MLOps Consultant | Team Lead

Valeria Rozhkova
Instructional Designer / e-Learning Developer / L&D / EdTech
Alex Kolosov
Machine Learning Engineer,


Open-source, Git-based data science. Apply version control to machine learning development, make your repo the backbone of your project, and instill best practices across your team.

We build tools to evaluate, test and monitor machine learning models, so you don't have to.
Tools for: Model Quality - Data Drift - Target Drift-Data Quality
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